Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Water delivery

Q. When will my water be delivered?

A. Your water will be delivered regularly according to the printed schedule provided by your Miracle delivery man. This schedule highlights delivery days so as to keep you informed about when water will next be delivered to you.

Q. How many water bottles will be delivered?

A. After the initial purchase of bottles with security deposit and delivery days agreement, your route Miracle delivery man will replace your empty bottles with full ones on the decided days. However, adjustments may be made based on your needs. If you would like a different quantity or want additional products, please update your order with a deposit or as required (please refer to the Miracle Water Terms and Conditions), leave a note for your Miracle delivery man and call us at our phone numbers 36375655 or 36314777.

Q. Where will the water bottles be left?

A. You and your Miracle delivery man will decide on a convenient location to store empty bottles for pick-up along with your coupons, and where your full bottles will be left if you are not at home.

Q. What if I forget to put my empty bottles out?

A. Your Miracle delivery man will continue to deliver your water even if you forget to leave the empty bottles outside. Hold onto the empty bottles until your next scheduled delivery. At that time, the empty bottles will be picked up by your Miracle delivery man. If your water consumption has changed, it is a good idea to leave a note on your empty bottles so your Miracle man knows how many full bottles you would like delivered.
Helpful Information about Miracle Water.

Q. How do I communicate my water needs?

A. The most reliable and convenient way to keep in touch is by calling us on our phone numbers 36375655 or 36314777. You can inquire about / alter the services being provided to you, or ask about new products and services being offered by us. Examples include:
•    Changing the number of bottles of water to be delivered
•    Requesting information regarding additional products we offer
•    Notifying us of your vacation so we can anticipate your delivery needs

Q. Can I change my delivery day?

A. In order to provide the exceptional service that you expect, our delivery system is set up to serve specific geographic areas on certain days. Please discuss special delivery needs with your Miracle delivery man.

Q. How do I contact my route sales representative?

A. You can reach your Miracle delivery man by leaving a note on the day of your delivery. Simply attach the note with your request or question on an empty bottle. If your request is urgent, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , which will be forwarded to your route sales representative within two business days. Alternatively, you may call our customer services at our phone numbers 36375655 or 36314777.


Q. When is my payment due?

A. Payments are easy with Miracle - our policy is that you have to buy a payment coupon book from us, at which time you make a payment. When your coupon book is about to finish, you buy another coupon book from the Miracle delivery man to ensure continuity in the smooth flow of water delivery to you.
You need to give one coupon per bottle to the Miracle delivery man, each time water is delivered. On the Terms as approved by the Company on a case-to-case basis, payment is due by the payment due date. Late charges will apply as noted on the payment stub at the bottom right corner of the invoice and as set in your Service Agreement with us.


Helpful Information about Miracle Water

Q. Why bottled water?

A. You can trust bottled water for purity, refreshment and safe to drink. 

Q. What’s your water type?

A. You really are what you drink! Our water has the below mentioned criteria to suit your individual needs, preferences and tastes.

Q. What kind of H20 is Miracle providing you with?

Miracle water is Purified Drinking Water - our best-selling bottled drinking water known for being clean, pure and its great taste. Miracle water is an Artesian Water - a confined aquifer containing groundwater that flows upward through a well without needing to be pumped.



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