Miracle Water for Corporate Users

Miracle Water for Corporate Users
Why Miracle? Taste the Difference

At Miracle, we take pride in going the extra mile to provide clean, refreshing and great-tasting bottled water to offices across Karachi. We draw water directly from our own well deep in the ground, which is first pre-filtered through the layers of soil, and then goes through an extensive process under strict guidelines to ensure premium taste, cleanliness and purity.

Miracle Water Delivery to Office Premises

Get Miracle delivered to your office – free of charge

We at Miracle are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and building strong and lasting relationships with our corporate clients.
With Miracle, water delivery is customizable, effortless and free of cost. Simply inform us what your weekly consumption will be, and we will take care of the rest. You can also opt to purchase the Miracle Water Dispenser, which offers a choice of hot, cold or ambient temperature water at the press of a button.

Our Regional Sales Officer will be your contact person and, along with ensuring a seamless Miracle experience, will provide you with:

• Regular deliveries (at an agreed schedule) direct to your location of choice
• Regular deliveries to multiple locations of your business
• Recommendations about the number of bottles you will need until the next delivery
• A quality check of the bottles left to ensure they meet company standards.
• if required, check dispensers to ensure if they are clean and functioning properly
• Collection of empty bottles
• Advice and delivery of any additional accessories you may require
• Meet any urgent or immediate need for additional bottles

To get your Miracle Water Delivery started, Order online for a quotation or call us on phone numbers 36375655 or 36314777.


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