Quality of Miracle Water



Quality of Miracle Bottled Water

At Miracle, your health is our top priority. We ensure rigorous testing, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy clean, refreshing, great-tasting Miracle water.

We care about your access to safe drinking water – which is why we go the extra mile to meet all federal, local, industry and company quality standards before placing our products in the market for consumption.

Our manufacturing facilities implement multiple processing steps and adhere strictly to the benchmarks set by federal and local bodies for microbiological, physical, chemical and radiological substances in bottled water products. We comply with all WHO standards as well as those set by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA).

Our facilities are annually inspected, unannounced, by independent third-party organizations, along with regular product inspections. For more information, our water quality reports and certifications can be viewed here.

Certificates & Lab Reports:

Click here to find out about filtering process of Miracle Water.

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