Non-Returnable Bulk Pack (NRB)

Type: 6 litres
Type: Non-Returnable Bulk Pack (NRB)
Availability: Individual bottles

For large gatherings, whether at home, at a picnic, or in the office, our 6 litres bottles are the perfect solution. They offer the convenience of drinking water in bulk, and they're easy to store in your pantry or refrigerator, or to transport to any destination.

 Ideal for:

  • Picnics
  • Travel in groups
  • Weddings and parties
  • Events
  • Homes and Offices


  • A good substitute in place of 12 litre and 19 litre Returnable Bottles
  • Free from inconvenience of deposits or returns
  • Great for someone who is not at home often and doesn’t need that much drinking water at a time

The Miracle Economy Bulk Pack is available at a retail store near you! You can also learn more through this website, or calling us at phone numbers 36375655 or 36314777 and we’ll help you find a dealer in your area.


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