Miracle Small & Economy Pack
    • Sufficient for individual need
    • Easy to carry to work or school
    • Store in your refrigerator
    • Use on your dinner table
    Miracle Refundable Bulk Pack
    • Sufficient for the whole family
    • Keep in office for your employees
    • Convenient for large gatherings
    • Store your water for days
    Miracle Non-Refundable Pack
    • No worry to return
    • Easy to hold and carry
    • Carry to picnic and places
    • Good for small gatherings
    Miracle Water
    • Clean and quality water
    • Refreshing taste
    • Meets WHO standards
    • Certified by PSQCA
    Miracle Range of Products
    • Choose as per your need
    • Affordable price
    • Free delivery to your home and office
    • Call or email to subscribe

At Miracle, we take pride in going the extra mile to provide clean, refreshing and great-tasting bottled water. We draw water directly from our own well deep in the ground, which is first pre-filtered through the layers of soil, and then goes through an extensive process under strict guidelines to ensure premium taste, cleanliness and purity. We are committed to provide you safe and quality drinking water for a healthy living.


News and Promotions

  • Special Ramadan Offer

        Special Ramadan Offer by Miracle Water Miracle Water offering special Ramadan prices of 0.5 liters @ Rs. 14/- & 1.5 Liters @ Rs. 28/- per bottle.  All donors are welco... read more
  • Miracle at Civil Hospital

        Miracle Water Distribution at Civil Hosptal   Miracle continued with its relief campaign in second week by distributing water bottles at Civil Hospital. Though the merc... read more

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Free Delivery Services

  • Home Delivery
  • Office Delivery
As the caregiver in your home, you’re always looking to bring quality products home for your loved ones, for their health and wellness. With Miracle, you can be sure that you’re getting nothing but the best clean, pure and quality drinking water, now delivered directly to your doorstep at no cost to you. Our dependable, courteous delivery people will ensure that your water is on time, every time! Have the Miracle Experience. At Miracle, we take pride in going the extra mile to provide clean, refreshing and great-tasting bottled water to offices across Karachi.
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